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Forum Rules For Members


Yetkili Abi
18.08.2016 (Perşembe)
General Forum Rules

[] Forum political propaganda, advertising, direct parties to the abusive text, it is forbidden to write articles insult.
[] Insult to the managers in the forum will be banned.
[]Our site is not corporation to any company.
[] It is forbidden to send the link by link shortening service shortening. Direct links are given mandatory.
[] Proxy Normal member - Socks5 - VPS - entries will be punished by a member if they use it.
[] İn chat menu request are forbidden.
[] İn chat menu political conversation are forbidden.

Open Thread Rules

[] All Subject title can not be written with CAPITAL LETTERS. Such topic are deleted.
[] Should not even users who are not subject title to draw attention to the subject himself. Example: (Offfff. Heeeeyy. Aloooo. Yaaaa. Help! Etc.)
[] Before you open a new topic in the topics look if it is opend by another user or by you, you should check whether the previously opened.
[] Try to use topic icons. Topic icons to identify the content of topics is what types of benefits.
[] When you open a catogory,fore example, Games, you must open a topic related to the Games category. For each subjects are categorys available.
[] Give the acronym links directly in the topic. Link shortening services is prohibited.
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